John Körmeling (1951) is a Dutch sculptor and architect. He has realized many commissions concerning public spaces and participated in exhibitions in the Netherlands and abroad.

Körmeling studied architecture at the Eindhoven University of Technology and lives and works there. He has a broad and unconventional perspective on architecture, including urban planning, design and visual arts. The leitmotif of his work is the concept of ‘space’ and the different ways one can deal with it.
The problem of town planning, combined with the growing number of cars and infrastructure (motorways and car parks) fascinates Körmeling. A large part of his work revolves around finding creative and artistic solutions to the shortage of parking spaces and traffic jams. Körmeling projects are often idealized and impractical and usually show a fine sense of humor. So he made a Ferris wheel for cars in 1999 in Utrecht: ‘Drive-in wheel. In his works, form and content are often in such a manner consistent with each other that both are clear at a glance.

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