geert mul

Geert Mul (1965) studied at the Academy of the Arts in Arnhem, where he specialized in computer animation. After his studies, he traveled to a number of countries, including Mexico, the United States and Japan. Since 1993, he lives and works in Rotterdam. The audio and video recordings he made during these journeys were later exhibited at various Dutch arts venues.

In the mid-1990s, Mul became one of the first VJs, creating video screenings combined with pop music for a Rotterdam dance club. These events grew into interactive video and audio environments, which he placed in a variety of contexts, from museums to pop festivals. Today, Mul researches the possibilities of re-combining images from databases in videos, prints and interactive installations. For these purposes Mul continuously develops software: programs that generate a context-related, endless and varying combination of images based on image properties such as content, structure, composition and color.